Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Worst Haircut Ever

Today I had the worst haircut experience ever. Maybe the title is a misnomer, it remains to be seen whether it is the worst looking haircuts ever. I'm tyring to be more positive about things but this was just too much.

The story actually begins last night while eating dinner in a restaurant. The family behind us had a baby who continuously screamed like she was having nails pounded into her skull. The parents completely ignored it. They ignored it, that is until the mother took the kid outside (twice) at which time the older kid would scream equally loud that she wanted to go outside like her mom and sister. These little bastards screamed and shrieked for 40 minutes. The couple next to us got up and left glaring at the family with the kids. Why we sat through it I have no idea but we did.

Back to the haircut. After the shampoo I sat in the chair and started with the cut. 2 minutes in, this other stylist sat down in the chair adjacent to mine. She was really fat and sat slouched to one side of the chair with the fat folding over the arm of the chair. She had just ordered Chinese and found out shortly before someone else ordered from the same place. She started in about whether they'd send 2 delivery drivers or not and if they would get pissed if they had to do so. "I ordered mine after so and so's, I hope they don't get pissed and spit in my food. They do that you know. My sister worked an Mc Donalds and would do that all the time. We went to Friendy's and there was a couple complaining about something to the waitress. I saw the look on her face and she was definitely going to spit in their food." BLAH BLAH BLAH! On and on.

She was so loud when she stressed a certain word for emphasis I would actually cringe a little bit. This went on the entire time I was getting my hair cut. I'm sitting there thinking I was going to snap and just walk out. I should've asked her to shut up but it was one of those things where you think at any moment she would stop and I wouldn't have to. It wouldn't have been rude if I had but I just felt weird about the whole thing so I just sat there and stewed. I kept thinking if I said something it would make things weird and would mess things up even more.

What a drag, oh well. I'll let her know next time I go in. My stylist, not the fat ass. If this haircut is bad I'm really going to be pissed. Again, oh well. I guess I'd have more of a leg to stand on about this looking good issue if I'd made more progress on the self improvement. Notice the lack of updates on fitness etc.

Anyway, I just had to vent, so there it is.

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