Wednesday, June 6, 2007


What?!? So you're saying that your philosophy of child rearing is that all children are like nails that need to be pounded flat. If they pop out they are to be driven back down again even harder. If they get rusty they should be pulled out and tossed aside before they give somebody tetanus or something. Sounds good to me.

The new idea in immigration is that we do away with family members receiving consideration. Now the focus would be placed on employment skills so they can add more to the economy. This comes from the right wing family values crowd who opposes gay marriage claiming it's a threat to the American family. Right then.

Know why I love MySpace? You would not BELIEVE the number of hot girls who want to be my friend. I never make them friends though because they all seem to think I have erectile dysfunction and/or "size deficiencie's". I appreciate the interest anyway you crazy girls.

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