Saturday, June 23, 2007

1-2 we hope that you choke

this is ¡HEY! . . . . .¡HEY! is non-fiction. If it seems real to you then go to bed.

swimming under a boat.

I see the boat and feel it's hull. The hull below the water floats and makes the boat float. The boat we don't see does the heavy lifting, the lifting of the boat. The whole boat, not just the boat you'll see on say, television, or in the water. If you see a boat on a trailer on the highway look at the bottom. The work end.

Jump in the water what do you see? Cold dull mirrors swim away from me. There's nothing to fear. Nothing at all. Swim beneath the boat and all the sounds drift away.

"Make it available", I said. "Don't grit your teeth at me", they then say with fear. 1-2 we hope that you choke. I hope they do choke. They say,"I won't hesitate." I say,"For me smile, for me love?" "Don't grit your teeth at me." "They're my teeth. They make me smile." Those people lie and take money and give no help. Capital is all they see. I'll smile and grit my teeth. My teeth, they make me smile.

Relax now touch the water, let the water touch your skin. They and their fear and anger stay on land and don't reach you now. Now swim or just float. Just float now or just swim and let the water touch you swim. We let go our animosity for those bastards we wished harm. They wished us harm we drift on driftwood. We drift on old doors. We drift on park benches.

So fingertip to fingertip you roll your hands and fingers. My fingers do the same. You jump in the river, I jump in the sea. Cold dull mirrors swim with me, reflecting sun back to sun. Fingernails touch, they drag across sand. Scraping lines in sand they reach more sand. Roomfulls of sand they fill the parking lots then melt in the sea. The ocean melt sand into sea.

We all live content, I hope. I hope we all live happy. Know your scars and how you got them. Know your lessons, know how you learned them.

Still I swim from dock. If I swim on there'll never be hills. There'll never be grass, or bees or blacktop or tar laden parking lots. Swim near boat or under? I can't hear you, but I know the words you say. I can't see you, but I see what's in my way.


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