Friday, June 8, 2007

TB and fire trucks

Ever heard "Rumble" by Link Ray and his Raymen?

I have asthma and occaisonally have coughing fits. I thought it was bad before but now everyone looks at me like I'm the "international Typhoid Mary, drug resistant tuberculousis guy". I can't wait until I fly to San Diego later this month.

Some of the nicest girls you're going to meet work at the Planned Parenthood. I had a catering delivery there today, so I know this from personal experience. Poor girls have to work behind 2 locked "buzz you in" doors and have 4 cameras pointed around the building.

I don't know about you, but when I feel lonely I listen to Liz Phair. I know she was a riot grrrl but I think that's just because she was lonely and fragile. I know this because I was a riot boy, but once I really listened the noise just went away.

A man gave me a "Mega-Millions" ticket today as a tip. I said,"Know what I'll do with the money after I take care of my family, friends and charities?" "What?" he said. "I'll buying a fire engine." I'll go to the mall just for kicks and park next to one of those guys driving a Hummer and say,"Hey, fire engine." Maybe those "MySpace girls" are on to something. Maybe I do harbor feelings of inadequacy. Or maybe I've just fallen off of the "sarcasm wagon". Either way, Angus would look cool riding shotgun in a fire engine. "Hey! Whare's tha dollmation?" "Ahem, bulldog. Get it?"

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