Tuesday, January 2, 2007

It was incredible, we were blown away

Topic: Christmas

2006 can fuck off. We rocked it out big time New Year's Eve, dumping a few thousand dollars of someone else's money at a club called Pasha in Dupont Circle D.C. (thank you Peroni).

Unlike most of the year, Christmas was the best. Best, like one of those 4 year old kid waking up at dawn to see what Santa brought you Christmases. We got a surround sound home theater system for my Dad. I spent the day after Christmas drilling holes in the walls and ceiling. To run the wiring I crawled, in the attic, on my stomach, with fiberglass insulation in my face and roofing nails stabbing me in the back of my head. The thing sounds incredible. He was blown away. I got this thing called a "Jolly Ball" for Angus. It's this volleyball sized toy with a handle. When you throw it, it bounces unpredictably and he can grab the handle and bolt around like a nut with this big ball in his mouth. The thing is incredible. He was blown away.

I got a silver, super secret spy suitcase from Miki. It's a carry-on and it's the lightest suitcase in the world. I'm going to trick it out with a bullet proof kevlar liner and a holster for a 9 milli and an extra clip. The thing is incredible. I was blown away. I gave Miki an iPod, a pair of running shoes, some other stuff and a dollar store picture frame with 3 windows. I put a pic of one of us in each. It was ok to put in a stocking, I guess. She was blown away.

So, 2007 . . . When I make a list of goals for the year I'll type them up and post them. I already know one . . . even more Sabbath, even louder.

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