Monday, December 25, 2006

Boddington's Christmas Experience

Topic: Mixed Drinks

1 pint of Boddington's Manchester Ale
orange peel
ginger root
vanilla extract

small bowl (1 cup)
garlic press
pint glass

Press a piece of ginger root a little larger than the garlic press into a bowl. Then press a slice of orange peel the size of the opening of the garlic press into the same bowl. Scrape the peel pressings into the bowl and mix thoroughly. Bring 1/8th a cup of water to a near boil then add the ginger and orange. Heat for 5 minutes stirring often. Strain into bowl and add 2 good shakes of cinnamon, 2 shakes of allspice and 4 drops of vanilla extract. Mix concoction. Pour a few ounces of Boddington's into a pint glass, add concoction, then pour the rest of the Boddington's. There is no need to stir, as the cascading action created by the settling of the drink mixes the ingredients. Once settled, the pint should have a healthy head with a few specks of spice on top and have spices clearly floating throughout the drink.

Happy Holidays, Enjoy!

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