Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Today's Lunch

Topic: Health Food

I'm really trying to keep on this healthy eating thing but it seems over the weekend I keep slipping into a less healthy diet. Every Saturday I start with some kind of junk food or other for lunch because we've usually been out of the house at that time. It's just so easy to grab a burger. Once you do that it's not that it's hard to stop, it's just that it's sooo easy to keep going. Usually by Tues. or Wed. I start eating healthy again.

I got up today and decided to get back on track. This morning I had Grape Nuts and strawberries and a glass of juice. Today for lunch I made a sandwich on organic whole wheat bread. I put on it a half pint of Ben and Jerry's peanut butter cup ice cream, 4 strips of raw bacon, maple syrup, a slice of leftover pizza and 2 Hershey's chocolate bars, one regular and one with almonds. I used dijon mustard because I was feeling fancy. To drink I had 2 Cokes and a double shot of white distilled vinegar. It was great.

Not So Non Sequitur: When I was kid I once ate a half bag of flour and a few spoonsfull of Crisco. It was great.

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