Wednesday, January 24, 2007

New Orleans to Old Mexico (or, You'll need a passport to go to Mardi Gras)

Topic: State of the Union

So I broke down and watched the address. It was probably the dullest speech I've ever heard. A quarter of the way in I stopped listening and played with my bulldog.(he has a rash on his belly and the vet put him on medication that makes him sleepy. This was the first time he was up and around all day, so he needed some play time) I caught something however, the W didn't speak about New Orleans. I guess it's because the Saints lost in the playoffs. Or maybe the city seceded from the Union, while he was ignoring them. If that's the case, why mention them in a State of the Union Address, right? Or maybe they didn't succeed, so much as float away. Maybe they slid off the continent and drifted into the Gulf of Mexico. I wonder what Mexico's immigration policies are? Maybe they'll recieve better treatment there. W started about every fourth paragraph with 9-11. If Bin Laden blew up the levees do you think W would've mentioned the flood?

It'll be kind of cool to hear what a mix of Mariachi and New Orleans Jazz sounds like, won't it?

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