Saturday, March 17, 2007

¡hey! Sea Shell Grip they Bite Your Soles (or, the star of the County Down)

Once now never always. Stupid shut up now forget we have this fear. Now walk into the future backwards., over your shoulder you see the past pass by you. Pass you on the right now the left. Both now liar both now right then left liar, both now right and then now left. You tell lies now see lies always. You tell truth then you see truth. No lies pass you no past pass you only lies. Shake lies. Look left then right then left then right, no lies pass, no past lies down. Only behind you does the past lie down. Lies down like lies, past should be forgotten.


So now you are true.

Truth on this good Saint's Day. Truth, the man accepted then did escape slavery. Then He walked long miles, then sailed, then landed then came back to be a man. Became the great emancipator of His adopted people. Abolitionist like Moses. So true and saw no lies except for true lies. No left, no right. Lie down lies, lie down behind.

Near place you've seen to a place you've never been and from there up and the down the stairs. I know a girl so she and she smiled at me and so there I stood and smiled. I smiled at she and she smiled at me as I stood as she passed me by. She's a jewel in the grass, she's a jewel of a lass, and she smiled as she passed me by.

Now I'm out in the bay and the boat's in front of me, can I swim? No I'm sure I'll drown. So I swim, swim under the boat, take the broad route, then the narrow. The turn takes my air. So I'm turned, look up and see boat. The boat is there and I swim up. I hit the boat then turn left then hard down then turn down 'cause it's up and I want out and I want air. I want out. So once you turn left you see lies you turn right you see lies, you look up and you look down. You feel pain, this brings you sadness. You see beauty, you know you want to. Once, now always, now in you're hand you feel hope, so do I, or so I want to.

Now standing on the sea shells, and they grip and they bite your soles. On the sea shell you see clouds drift, you see blood then you see sky. The sky she kiss you brightly, brightly she make you smile. The sun she shines across you, she warms you body, she makes you fear. Yes your fear you use it wisely. Yes no fear it make you lazy. No fear it make you fear. Now once and future always, she once now and future near.

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