Wednesday, March 14, 2007

¡hey! (or, real american pizza is made with real american cheese. thank you very much wisconson.)

Topic: once rejected novella, returning as an online serial


Lost and Found Nursery Rhymes.

Listen up. I said LISTEN! So sad slip step, press help button. If you're reading this then you're really listening in your head. Can't you hear me? I know you can but if not I'll shout. I'll shout over the noise which is already in there. You're aware it's there, or else you're denying it, which is worse. Or, which is worse? If you prefer it in the form of a question. So like I said, I said,"HEY!"

Then he's on his way home with a dancer he's just met "Do it now she said", towards the wall. He'd try anything . . . twice, but this request (by request I mean demand) struck him as a little more than odd. Worse yet it was a bit of a bitter turn off. He bit back but complied nonetheless. To his surprise, shock even, it was good. So it was again ,strong, slow. "My God", he thought, "The quiet in my brain all alone is beautiful." It didn't last. It never does.

Hello reader. I haven't met you personally but I may as well address you personally seeing as if you stick around I'll be talking to you for a bit. That said, on with the story.

So I'mma chat my girl. Fucking-A-Right Batgirl! So right, not impressed. Man in three piece steps in, "Buy you ladies a drink? In the mood for a blah blah blah martini?" So later Tina and him walk to the car WAIT! You don't know about Tina. I'll tell you later.

"Most guys I go home with drive nicer cars than that!" she says. "Most guys you go home with won't---content deleted--- either." She gets in the car.


Kiss kiss no, yes kiss kiss, yes kiss no tell all this, kiss. He had to walk around wandering for 4 hours to find his car. Now I have a problem. I'm home and the lights won't turn on and I'm home and the lights won't turn. Ever been lost in your own home? Ever been lost in your own life? Wake up, break apart breakfast, come together to fall apart. It's my life to take or make. You'll make of it what you want. You will, you will because you can.

Ever loved someone so much it paralyzed you?

YES! HEY! YES! of course! Thank you. I've never felt more welcome. I've--------enough about me let's talk about you for awhile. "Yeah, I'm chatting you up. That much in the kitty? Well how much can you stand?"

MAybe. Systematized, god trusting, thrusting suburbanites. Sacrificial stepchild step up. Step down shock, rack stop, car jack, jack! Back up. Negativity abounds. A restlessness still unexpected, returns in turn and all throughout. Make me make believe and take this brother, may it serve you well. Misunderstanding all around. Overcome, expect, acceptance.

Whiskey soaked . .
Whiskey drained . . .
Whiskey driven, beer soaked rebellion trips over itself again.
Lying there and staring at the ceiling, waiting for a sleepy feeling. What counts? Who counts? Who counts what? Which is more important? Lost and crippled, automatic whiskey driven poetry, lost not crippled, moss tossed skyscraper honesty.

So. Confessional. I.

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