Tuesday, March 13, 2007

100 things about me (or, over 99 problems, but a bitch ain't one.)

Topic: Online personal quiz type thing.

1. Despite my huge ego it's taken me over a week to write this list.

2. Miki and I designed our wedding rings.

3. I'm that guy who's wife is his best friend.

4. I once ate the same thing every day for 2 months. Frosted Flakes and a glass of oj for breakfast, grilled cheese, tomato soup and a coke for lunch. Two hot dogs, potato chips, a pickle and a coke for dinner.

5. GO SOX!

6. I wear a different cologne each season. Right now it's CK Be.

7. Just about the only music I've listened to for the past year is Sabbath. (Ozzy Sabbath, not Dio Sabbath)

8. I wear my Grandmother's wedding ring on a shoe lace around my neck.

9. My favorite shoes are Adidas Stan Smiths. Not the stupid shell toe Adidas, the classic Stan Smiths.

10. I've had extensive facial reconstructive surgery.

11. I think Picasso is the greatest artist ever. He's so good it makes me sick.

12. I think Armondo Moralas is the best artist alive.

13. I know that things are going wrong for me.

14. I love my bulldog Angus. Until I got him I never had a dog.

15. I want to be an archer. no wait, I want to be Robin Hood.

16. I've read "The Lord of the Flies" more times than I can count. Though my favorite is Moby Dick.

17. It's not the years it's the mileage.

18. The only time I gamble is on the Triple Crown. Then I'm really into it.

19. During baseball season I almost exclusively wear RED SOX jerseys, wearing the home jersey when they're home and away when they're away.

20. At least once a day, during basketball season I'll wear a PITT sweatshirt.

21. My all time favorite movies are, Cool Hand Luke, King Kong (original) Fight Club, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (original), Mad Max and Die Hard.

22. I don't like disorder, but it seems it's all I can create.

23. I wear my watch on the "wrong" wrist. I'm right handed and I wear my watch on my right wrist. I also ride skate and surf boards the "wrong" way.

24. 14 is the only number that counts.

25. I used to be a cyclist.

26. I used to be a runner.

27. I used to be a rock climber.

28. I used to be a lot of things.

29. Sometime soon I plan to get a Scion xb. It looks like my bulldog Angus. I'll call it the "Angimobile"

30. I don't have a negative body image, although I probably should.

31. I can carry on a conversation with my friend Aaron using only quotes from "Goodfellas".

32. I can carry on a conversation with my cousin Jimmy using only hand signals. Not sign language, just private hand signals.

33. When I was a kid I had trouble comprehending what people would say to me because I was too busy counting the number of silables in the words.

34. When I was in school it took 418 steps to get from my house to the school. As I grew older I had to take different routes to keep it at 418, because I could cover more ground with each step.

35. I have a Vespa scooter. I crashed it last fall and it landed on me so it wasn't badly damaged. I can't say the same for myself.

36. I'm in that small minority that has neither a tattoo nor likes country music.

37. "Supernaut" by Sabbath is my favorite song. It's play count on my iTunes is at 938.

38. I'm defiantly a mac guy, not a pc guy.

39. I think cats are really creepy.

40. I love Christmas and think about it every day.

41. My wife and I eat Big Macs on our McDonald's Christmas plates every year before we decorate our tree.

42. My favorite holidays are Christmas, a distant second being St. Patrick's Day, then Halloween.

43. I think nearly all mixed drinks are nonsense and most always avoid them.

44. It makes me mad that I can't take my bulldog everywhere with me.

45. I love egg creams, have both chocolate and vanilla Ubet syrup, but rarely make them. Except for right now. HA!

46. I'm forgetful, but I don't think I'm forgettable.

47. I think people who say "Knock on wood." are ridiculous.

48. I'll never understand the appeal of NFL football.

49. When I played baseball, during games I would hold cherry pits in my mouth and drink lemon juice from those lemon shaped squirt bottles. Usually about a bottle a game.

50. I like hanging out in bars but can't deal with smoke. I have asthma.

51. I can't wait for a statewide smoking ban.

52. I'm VERY good at falling down. I've had a lot of practice. I fell off the front step and twisted my ankle just after writing #51. I hit and rolled when most would've cracked their head on the sidewalk. Still hurts though.

53. I HATE cops.

54. My dream job is one where I can have Angus with me and play Sabbath at full volume.

55. I'm a painter, lately it's been mostly acrylic on canvas. My stuff is at the front of the ¡Arma Caliente! Movement.

56. I'm 36, getting gray hair and wrinkles and liking it.

57. My iTunes play count for the song "Supernaut" is now at 946.

58. I'm terrified of Komodo dragons. They're the most evil, vile, disgusting creatures ever. However, I love all other sorts of dragons, well, except for the Tatzelworm.

59. I haven't played a video game in almost 15 years.

60. My recent most used expression is "Fuckin'-a-right Batman/Batgirl."

61. The Democratic Party is a little too conservative for me, but I'm a member anyway.

62. I almost always wear sunglasses when outside, even when it's overcast. I guess I'm a little photosensitive.

63. I do graphic design, digital art and web design.

64. I've alienated more friends over the years than I've made.

65. I'm a far bigger loser than most people think. The cat's out of the bag on that one. I guess it serves me right for keeping a cat in a bag. I couldn't help it though, they're creepy.

66. I'm a complete son of a bitch when it comes to art.

67. I make up superhero characters for my friends.

68. My head is crowded with useless facts. Things such as the origins of common expressions, for example.

69. If I were to ever get a tattoo, it would be the Barnett Newman painting,"Station of the Cross # 14". It would take up my entire back.

70. I tried to be a painter, then I tried to be a writer, then I tried to be a musician. Now I'm trying to be a painter again. This time I'm sticking to it.

71. If I get hiccups, I can always cure them with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

72. I want to get one of those boardwalk photo booths for my house. I'll make everyone who comes over sit in it and get their picture taken.

73. My dad is my hero.

74. I think that hack Thomas Kincaide is the new Andy Warhol. I want to be the new Thomas Kincaide.

75. I quit using sarcasm, it's been very hard.

76. I think daylight savings time is absurd.

77. I'd love to be a surfer but I've never lived near the ocean.

78. I think I'll die in a shark attack. Actually, I'm sure I'll be killed by a shark, despite the fact that I don't live near the ocean.

79. I'm dyslexic.

80. I think horoscopes and astrological signs are about the stupidist things I've ever heard of.

81. I listen to way too much NPR.

82. I can't wait for baseball season.

83. I'd love to live in a tree house.

84. I've been to Europe twice. Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, France and Ireland.

85. I go to Fenway Park once a year.

86. I think I check my email too often.

87. My favorite foods are my grandmother's Christmas chocolate chip cookies and her meatballs, Nicolas's pizza, Big Macs, shepard's pie and my father's-in-law sushi.

88. I wish I spoke Spanish but so far have lacked the disciplne to learn.

89. I've only drunk 3 cups of coffee in my life.

90. Southern accents annoy me.

91. Beer over wine, any day.

92. I plan to make a garden with a waterfall in my yard this spring.

93. I love cool to cold overcast days and really hate it when it's hot.

94. I think everyone is at least a little bit racist, the good people recognize it and try not to be.

95. I'm full of contradictions, but I'm working on reconciling them.

96. I think Christian Conservatives and their imaginary friend in the sky should leave the rest of us alone.

97. If it's after 10am, I don't eat breakfast food. I think it's bizzare to want to.

98. I sometimes quote Kurt Cobain or Ozzy in conversation, but no one ever notices.

99. Cooking is one of my least favorite things.

100. I think my life moves in 7 year cycles. Someone else thinks that too, but I can't remember who. Is it you?

I think-no- I know I skipped 2 resolution updates. I meant to but I've made little progress so it's been pretty easy to put off. I'll post one tomorrow.

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