Monday, February 12, 2007

"the pink panther took her out, you think?" said nila

If Iran is providing some Iraqis with arms, then that means we're fighting a de facto war against Iran, right? Iran is waging a sort of war by proxy against the U.S. GREAT! (I didnt intend to write about politics, i just felt like using "de facto". It makes me feel smart.) When Americans were taken hostage in Iran in 1979, I remember this kid who would talk about it all the time. It was creepy, he would become giddy and his voice would crack when he'd say,"We should NUKE 'EM!". He was a real idiot. I'm not just being mean, it's true, he was just a few IQ points north of being mentally handicapped. He was right at the point where rude people would say to his face,"You're a fucking retard." as opposed to saying behind his back," "Boy, he's pretty smart for a fucking retard." I'm not sure which one we are regarding this war right now, but does it really matter?

I've been struggling to get my unfinished art projects finished. I've left them undone for too long and the ideas have gotten old. Working on them is like pouring curdled milk onto a bowl of Frosted Flakes. I was going to give up, but then decided give it one last try. I hired a Muse. Seems strange, right? I'm sure you didn't know such a service was available, I didn't. So I'm all set and ready to go when, BAM! My Muse lands herself in the hospital because of a sleep related injury. Now I have stale unfinished art and a Muse on the 15 day disabled list. This is a real dilemma I'm facing, and I don't think I can resolve it on my own so I'm going to have to consult my Guru.

I wouldn't dare go to Master Yoda with a problem like this one. He'd kick my ass.

Now that I think about it, the Guru owes me a few pints at the "Winchester Pub", so fuck him . I think I'll skip the Guru, put my head down, turn the SABBATH up and bang this shit out.

I think maybe Anna Nicole Smith died because she ate some Owens Corning Fibreglass insulation, mistaking it for pink cotton candy.

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