Sunday, December 16, 2007

I thought the handles seemed small

or Is choosing a brush the same as choosing a President?

I bought a paint brush made by Z¡bra have been using it for the past week. Usually I like Wooster brushes, Allpro's are ok and everything else is prety much garbage. This Z¡bra however has REALLY smooth bristles and loads like crazy. I can't seem to get a decent grip on the thing though and I just found out why. Apparently this company was founded by women, to design products for women. Maybe I'm overthinking things but whenever I think about voting for Hillary I get the same feeling as when I pick up a Z¡bra brush. It works well and performs like I want it too but just feels funny. This is that stupid, "I want to vote for I candidate I'd like to have a beer with." idea that led the suckers to vote for W. Twice. (hurts to write that)

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