Tuesday, April 10, 2007

So what if I was? (or Sacrifice, loss and an ice cold Coke!)

My neighbor was recently cited for keeping an "unlicensed" animal. He was turned in by the jerks across the street. Before Animal Control could come back with "special equipment" he asked me to help him put his gator down. It was a clean shot and a humane death, we did a far better job than they could've. By the time Animal Control got there we had the old boy skinned and filleted. So now in addition to the animal fine he was hit with a big fine for violating the zoning laws by running an illegal slaughter house in his basement. The Department of Labor is now getting involved because he didn't have the proper safety equipment in place.

Long and the short, he's out one alligator and owes a few grand in fines. He sold the hide to a tanner so that should cover the cost of the fines. He's really upset about gator, they were close. He sure tastes good though. His name was Randell. The gator, not my neighbor, he wishes to remain anonymous.

Today for lunch I'm having a ALT. Tonight It's alligator stew for dinner. Alligator was one of the things I gave up for Lent so now I can't get enough of it. I also gave up Coke and chips and a few other things which really are far less evil but much harder to quit. Some things in life cannot measure by degrees.

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