Friday, April 20, 2007

A Few Words on Guns in My Art (or kiss kiss, bang bang)

I often use guns in my artwork. If I drew comics, made movies or tv shows no one would bat an eye. However, I don't so I thought I'd give a little explantion as to why I use them. I hate guns. I'm terrified of them to the point where I can't be near cops because they carry them. I studied American History and fully understand the 2nd amendment (right to keep and bear arms). I think it's obsolete and should be repealed. I think it's perverse to own a gun. The only use for a gun is to kill, it's positively barbaric that, not only do we allow these things, but actually protect a right to own them. Guns are dangerous and scare me to death. Depicting guns in my art is a way of confronting my fear. If I'm doing it right, painting is one of the most frightening things I do, so guns and the art are a good mix. "If you hate something, don't you do it too?" eddie vedder-"not for you"

Often I incorporate girls into the gun art. Artisticlly I'm really interested in juxtapositions. Girls and guns, sex and danger, fear and aggression. No, wait, those last two are the same. I also think of myself not just an artist but as an American artist, so since guns are a huge part of our culture I have to use them.

The guns used in the photos of us are replicas.

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